Why We Shouldn’t Kill Our Friend…ships

Growing up there were 3 interweaving families who spent much time together; the adults would bask in heavy discussion whilst the children would play and make a mess. Seeds of friendship were sewn: tend to those roots correctly and you just might grow a tall standing tree. Or a pair of bimbos, whatever. Anny and I bonded over being the rejects of the group. Our … Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Kill Our Friend…ships

How to be The Hottest of Your Friends

Having spent a long weekend with one of the most beautiful girls I know, I started to think about our friendship, how it changed over the years and the impact of having friends who, despite their individuality, are no doubt conventionally beautiful. My friends are all gorgeous but, like everyone, have things they don’t like about themselves. My own physical hang-ups have mainly revolved around … Continue reading How to be The Hottest of Your Friends


A sombre murkiness hovered in my train carriage yesterday morning; opposite me sat a young Muslim girl with downcast eyes & beside her, a woman clutching a Metro newspaper; its contextual accuracy so ambiguous I didn’t bother to grab a copy. The woman with the paper huffed and moved to the seat beside me, the front page of her paper imaging French fighter jets en … Continue reading 13/11

Too Cool for a Condom, Too Smart for a Smear Test

I’d been procrastinating when it comes to this next subject, but I felt a sense of responsibility in spreading awareness. Warning: this next pose focuses on sexual themes and transmitted infections, yay! A few months ago I received some bad (but not the worst) news and felt frustrated nothing was available to console me. I found all online information cold and clinical, whilst forums described … Continue reading Too Cool for a Condom, Too Smart for a Smear Test

The Angels Who Live Here

Have you ever stumbled across somebody who’s had an impact on your life, regardless of how big or small the interaction? I recall both drunken nights and sober moments where I’ve crossed strangers who’ve struck an emotional chord, saying something to shift my current mind-frame and exhibiting gestures of kindness. I must have been 7 or 8 when my parents separated and it felt as … Continue reading The Angels Who Live Here

Do I Be the Pweddiest, Pweddiest Girl?

Living in this prevalent “Selfie-Era”, I must say my views on the subject are conflicted. If I were to count how many pictures I’ve taken of myself in the last 10 years I’d probably be able to plaster my walls with them. According to the BBC (not that I vouch for their reliability on statistics or anything) – 23,000,000 photos were found with the hashtag … Continue reading Do I Be the Pweddiest, Pweddiest Girl?

Weed, Boys and Feeling Blue

Welcome, You’ve reached my first ever blog post. In this post I’ll be addressing subjects which I feel need more attention, in the hope the to create awareness around some deep and darker issues. There have been few occasions (but occasions nevertheless) where I’ve shut people out based on the fear of being judged. That said, with some much needed self-education, I realised most of … Continue reading Weed, Boys and Feeling Blue