28 Reasons

Life, a magical field of existence where all living things parasite off of the earth with no real purpose, other than to presumably procreate. Despite endlessly feeling befuddled as to what I’m doing here, one of the greatest life joys I’ve experienced is having a supportive, uplifting; mad-as-ever group of friends. Each one brings something unique and wonderful, however today I’ve decided to dedicate a … Continue reading 28 Reasons

Rise of the “Selfish” Woman

One dark, winter’s evening, four women sat around a dining table sharing treacherous tales of tragedy. Divulging dark and delicate secrets, the women bonded over commonalities whilst sipping a warm brew (PG Tips, to be exact). Their personal exchange, so real and so raw, was indeed unsurprising: leave a group of women alone in silence and see how quickly the air gets filled. Indeed, there … Continue reading Rise of the “Selfish” Woman

Dear Self

I’m struggling. There are times I feel unfulfilled, drifting almost. What am I still doing sitting behind a desk age 27? I got that degree, is this what it amounts to? With a dithering respect for those who can’t pay, we live in a world where “freedom” is bought. Our success, defined by a hierarchal prism; means inequality for all. Want respect? Go in to … Continue reading Dear Self

Say Hello To Brian

“Will you be coming over tomorrow?” “Mmm not sure, maybe”. “But you have to, it’s my birthday!” “I’m not sure Brian, we’ll see”. “Okay then.  See you tomorrow”. Over the weekend I met a girl in her late teens, who seemed pretty anxious about meeting her dad and his new girlfriend. I asked if she liked the girlfriend, to which she replied “not really”. I … Continue reading Say Hello To Brian

Queen of My Castle

Last week I spent my first Saturday in a very long time, housebound and alone. I had intentionally declined all social offers in a bid to go through cupboards, sort out paperwork and relax somehow. I wanted something quiet, with plenty of food and lots of rest. Despite everything going to plan, I felt tremendously lonely and restless. Usually I would fill my weekend gaps with the pleasure of … Continue reading Queen of My Castle