Fuck Me or Get Out

Hello Readers! I guess the title for this post is pretty self-explanatory: another day, another terrible, terrible I-couldn’t-even-call-it-a-date. For those thinking “oh no, not another male bashing post”, well, I’m sorry. I can’t help it that I’m a woman who’s come across men who’ve behaved like morons. It’s not a reflection of all men of course, but it’s definitely still relevant. After my whole “ghosted” … Continue reading Fuck Me or Get Out

Sexual Harassment: The Hardest No

Hello Readers! So, I recently had my End of Year Work Report, (where management review employee wins and focus areas) and was most pleased. Not because I nailed the review, but because my newfound ability to implement boundaries and give feedback was acknowledged. Admittedly, these are areas I’ve struggled with my whole life (both work-wise and personally) and I felt a surge of relief knowing … Continue reading Sexual Harassment: The Hardest No


Blog Readers, It’s been a while but I’ve been thriving, surviving, single and SWIPING. DATING APPS: what a tragic time to be alive. You know, every time something remotely unfortunate happens in my *less than impressive* love life, the sensitive, trusting, hopeful girl in me curls in a ball and wants to disappear. The ballsy, no-fucks, abrasive writer on the other hand thinks: I’m so … Continue reading GHOSTED

Pretty Woman: Deconstruction

You know, had I written my 2011 dissertation with the same bitter knowledge of widespread misogyny (both on and off-screen), I’m sure I would have seen that 2.1 into a first. Poor Garry Marshall, it’s a pity I was still wearing nappies during the debut of his 4.6* million box office hit, Pretty Woman, 1990. I recently sat through 2.5 excruciating hours of what I can … Continue reading Pretty Woman: Deconstruction